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Multiple Sclerosis Fitness Video – Free DVD from MS Active Source

MS Active Source is offering a free multiple sclerosis exercise DVD.  The Fitness with Katrina DVD offers fitness routine videos tailored for differing levels of ability and goals.  The videos have been developed using a combination of medical professionals, fitness trainers and MS patients. I just heard about the offer and wanted to pass it along immediately in case it expires.

I haven’t seen the full video yet, but the video samples of the routine posted on MS Active Source looked helpful and appropriate for people with MS – chair-based programs, things for people who need something vigorous, etc.  Some days I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time and I saw things here that looked usable.

If you’re new to MS exercise therapies, this might be a great place to start with some qualified guidance.  If you’re already exercising, this might provide new ideas to make your workouts more varied or productive.

Register or sign in at MS Active Source to request a copy of the free multiple sclerosis “Fitness With Katrina” DVD.

multiple sclerosis exercise video from MS active source


From MS Active Source:

The MS Active Wellness fitness program may help by:

  • Improving flexibility and decreasing muscle weakness and stiffness
  • Reducing spasticity and other multiple sclerosis symptoms
  • Increasing strength and decreasing likelihood of experiencing fatigue
  • Improving mood and overall total body health/wellness


MS Active Source is a resource sponsored by Biogen Idec and Elan Pharmaceuticals (MS -related products associated with these companies include Tysabri, Avonex, Rituxan, etc).   The site also has other general MS resources that may be helpful in addition to the DVD.  I’ve used some of their meds and get periodical email and direct mail offers from these companies.  I haven’t found it to be “too much”, but if you prefer to minimize any resulting marketing offers, you may want to review their relevant policies and options when you register for the DVD.

Disclaimer:  I’m just a patient who finds exercise helpful.  I don’t have any personal connection to the video, MS Active Source or any of the sponsoring pharma companies.    Praise or critique on any of this is welcome.

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  1. This is very good news! Its already known that exercise helps the body to naturally fight off many illnesses.. and this post helps to further confirm that.

  2. Patti Zimmerman says:

    in need of this dvd.

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